Dungeon World Character Template

What is the game system your template is for?:

Dungeon World

Brief summary of your character template:

I am currently working on a character sheet for Dungeon World. I think I am in the right direction but I would like to get some feedback.

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:

We may need more space in the character section to add bonds and advanced moves as the players progress through leveling up.

I get the following error message when I want to check your links above:

You shall not pass!

You do not have the necessary permissions to access this area

If you think this is in error, please go back and try again

Error Code: 403

Same here. I think that is something that the admins/mods can fix.

At the moment the Template has not been approved for review. Once a staff member has checked the template they will make a read-only copy for the rest of us to see and they will update the links in your posts to link to the read-only version.

Alright cool, thanks for the clarification.

I’m almost done I’m following LaMorte’s advice… I should have it ready by tomorrow.

Which advice are you following of mine? Just interested.

Adding all the information and then have the player keep the class they want to use.

I have finished the template, now I am waiting for the staff’s approval.

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Hi @victormiguelgregory, Your templates look good! Only one issue as far as I can tell so far, you have an image that we can’t legally offer as a template character image. (Btw, love that game.)

Please replace the character template’s image with something in the Devin Knight’s token essentials pack, then I can open this up for community review!

Hey @SketchParker are you seeing the character with the barbarian avatar? That’s the one with all of the moves.

Yup, if you’d like that one to be the official character template, I can approve it for review. It’s the first one that has license-violating content. Would you like to scrap the first, and have the Advanced Moves template be the actual submission?

Yes the first one was a test run. The second should be good for review.

All right, I’m approving this for community review! Here’s the public link: https://app.astraltabletop.com/character/v2/-LpUDYpNZ7eWkm1KrnNz

I’m also removing the previous links in OP’s posts to keep confusion down.

Please vote for this if you’d like to see this template go live! Additionally, go ahead and drop feedback if you think something can be improved.

I love the detail you’ve built into the Notes section!

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Any feedbacks for the character sheet template?

I have found that you will receive multiple views but little to no feedback, at the moment.
I believe that not being able to test the character template in a game environment is very limiting for reviewers as I myself have experienced.
There are updates in the works for character sheets and the way character templates are managed and this will hopefully ease the process.

I joust found out that I can look under the Action categories to find the actual actions for the basic moves! Looks really great with the built in dice rolling codes, it would be superb to try it out!


Hmmm, maybe it would be better, if you did not use separate ActionCategories for each move. Instead, you could create one category, e.g. “Basic Moves”, and under it, you can put all the basic move Actions. Another Category could be the Special Moves.

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I also really like the Notes tab. (Sorry for the high amount of replies, I should have sit down and write all my thoughts in one :smiley: ) It is very detailed, with all the little checkboxes and stuff. …Can we use in Astral some basic programming structure when creating Notes or Actions? E.g. IF-ELSE?