Dungeon World and Space World sheet

Hello there, I am the creator of Space world game to play with or without dungeon world (in french for now), compatible sheets and rules.

It is hard to see if there is any subject here cause i cant find the search bar for the forum.

I am ok to create Dungeon world and Space World sheet, with action etc. If no one already done it.

Can speak to much of your question - but the search “bar” is the magnifying glass in the top right, close to you profile picture (its hard to see due to the colors)

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Hi, anyone knows how it is going with dungeon world playbooks/character sheet? didn’t found anything in Astral… But I’m just starting in this VTT

Hi @flycatcher,

You can use the Quick Creatures to create characters for Dungeon World:


Just make sure the game’s settings are indeed set to Dungeon World.

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