Dungeon Alchemist


I need to know if Astral and Dungeon Alchemist will play nice?
I have to decide if I am going to back it.
Can they do what they are saying they can do, it looks ‘too good to be true’. We know what that usually means.
Is it worrisome that they are going to top 2M, on a 50k pledge drive?
Last one, any creative ways to disguise KS line items on a CC bill???

Dungeon Alchemist™ by Wim De Hert — Kickstarter

Hi @SgtMac and welcome back to the forums.

Firstly, Astral does not have a way to import a representation of Dynamic Lighting in any way, so you would need to redo that part manually, at least for now. As for the rest of what it creates, I am assuming that it will export the created layers as images, so those you will be able to import into Astral as assets and use them.

I wouldn’t worry about the amount they have raised. The product looks brilliant, the results look amazing, and that is what people are willing to pay for.

Uhmm, what are a KS line and CC bill?

Thanx for the quick reply
I have to say the lighting is important
Here are the formats they say they will support

‘At launch, we will support png, jpeg and webp for images. Alternatively, if your VTT supports it, you can also export as short videos in webm and mp4 to make your experience even more immersive’

Uhmm, what are a KS line and CC bill?

Kickstarter line item on a credit card bill!?!??!

My CFO will not issue a PO for this expenditure!

Hi @SgtMac. I, too, have decided to back Dungeon Alchemist. I already own a seat of DungeonDraft, but I’m hoping the DA will allow me to create some fabulous maps with a bit less effort. As @LaMorte said, right now Astral does a great job of importing flattened image files that programs like DD and DA generally export. Then, we have to put in a little bit of work with rebuilding the DL type features.

I recommend chiming in over here:

And vote, and even request that whatever import expansion is offered is as generic as possible to support as many platforms like DD and DA as possible.

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I also second this. I would like to see the ability to import from 3rd party Map design software such as Dungeoncraft or Dungeon Alchemist.

There is a Feature Request for importing from DungeonDraft: Dungeondraft Import

I would like to remind everyone that is participating in this discussion that this is not a Feature Request and is not being tracked by the developers.