DUNE 2d.20 Character Template submission

I would love to see how you have implemented this. Mind sharing a copy?

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I just redid it. The character sheet from Modiphius doesn’t include space to create all the buttons necessary to roll for all combinations of the 5 Drives and the 5 Skills. To solve this, I went into Photoshop and created a new PDF that includes the standard character sheet for page 1, page 2 is every combination of Drive + Skill so that pre-generated Actions can be made, and finally a page 3 that includes the House sheet.

Here is a copy of it for everyone to look at.



@CreativeOctopus I was just using Actions on the Action Bar to provide individual combinations. I am doing user-selected combinations, in the same way, I did the Vampire V5 sheet, with Checkboxes to select combinations.

I’m more interested in how you set up the rest of the sheet in Astral.

Could you invite me to your test game and share the sheet with me?

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Yeah I tried that too, but there are 25 combinations, but only 20 buttons in the Action bar, so some would need to be left out.

My Astral username is the same as here.