Dropdowns for stats

Just thinking, I would want to right a formula for the contents…which would require more feature richness. Aka the ability to reference a stat with a ternary. Example:

numeric stats:
tumble 2
swim 3
dodge 0

dropdown pick list logic:
{!!!stat>0 ? stat : “”}

Would be nice to also do a ternary match on text as well so that we can creatively name our stats to be included into the dropdown.

My original idea was that each option in a combo box is just a reference to an existing Stat, so that you can already have the formulas or ternaries in place before building the Combo. KISS

Thinking about this or the Combo…I think this is somewhat tied in with compendiums…as the picklist/dropdown could pull from a compendium and fill in other stats on the sheet. Your combo box would do the same…obviously we could do so with a large list of stats as is…but being able to tie this to compendium would be nice…not saying they go for it now…it’s a whole other can of worms to get involved with…but thought this would be a good place to spew might thought spaghetti on it.

I can definitely say this would be absolutely useful for doing things like generating “Can Only do 1 of these on a roll” kinds of uses.

For example, in AGE (like Blue Rose, Modern AGE, Fantasy AGE/Titansgrave, and The Expanse RPG) there is a “Focus” definition, you are only allowed to apply ONE focus to a roll. This would allow the sheet creator to define the drop down of focuses (perhaps a stat-per-focus [we’d need to be able to define a Display Text for stats too])

Then utilize a ternary statement that enforces the appropriate roll when the correct drop down is selected.

The “Focus” system allows for +2 on all focuses, however post-level 11 on AGE systems the player has the option to “re-acquire” a focus, granting them +1s per-re-acquisition so it could be “+2 or more”.

This may not be the BEST outline because the roll for say a will power self-discipline would basically look like this

!(3d6) + {Willpower} + {Willpower_Focus_Self-Discipline}

I separate them out so they display separated btw (I know you can combine them)

But there’s a few but to give an example of the ternary that would be used (using Faith and Self-Discipline, organized alphabetically so 0 = faith, 1 = self-discipline

This assumes I am comparing to an index value (since Faith is first alphabetically it would be Index 0)

!(3d6) + {Willpower} + {Willpower_Focus_Dropdown == 0 ? Willpower_Focus_Faith : Willpower_Focus_Dropdown == 1 ? Willpower_Focus_Self-Discipline : 0}

This could also be used in defining stat calculations for things that might apply based on race

(0 = Halfling, 1 = Orc)
Speed Stat
{Race_Dropdown == 0 ? 8 + Dexterity : Race_Dropdown == 1 ? 10 + Dexterity : 0}

Just one more thing to add to the possibility of facilitating things like character builders.

Decided to make this a separate reply, here’s a visual example of a problem dropdowns would solve from my in progress Blue Rose Sheet, these are all races the user is only suppose to select ONE:

Wonderful, this would help SWADE systems a lot where every stat is a dice, so making it 1d4/1d6/1d8 etc would Help a lot

Now that I’m getting more into sheet editing, wow would this be fantastic.

This becomes each time more important for various systems. Needing it so badly for a Dark Heresy sheet.

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Yes. This would be a great addition to the functionality!

Dropdowns just broadly would be nice. If I could put the information for actions into a dropdown it would significantly reduce clutter in the roll window and make accessibility of the information quicker and easier. Would be useful for cleaning up character sheets. I could see this working wonders for PbtA if you could put all of the basic moves into a dropdown. That being said the request mentions stats but not actions. I think having both would be nice.

Having a dropdown of generic actions one might use throughout play sounds really useful. I currently put common actions at the top of the sheet but it tends to clutter if the sheet doesn’t already have a built in place to put common actions. Linking dropdowns to a check box on top of this would make character creation for some games a breeze as well. Consider {warrior_check ? dropdown == warrior moves}.

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Adding to this thread to keep it alive. As a DM, if I could create a dropdown list with things like character race, class, spells, etc, with conditional effects on Stats, attacks, whatever else, that would make Astral an absolute Roll20 killer.

My only hangup with Astral thusfar has been a lack of connectivity between non-numerical items like classes, races, feats, and items and the numerical items they should be affecting. Even if there’s no native support for SRD character traits, the ability to define those connections myself would be enough to thrust Astral leagues above and beyond the competition in my book.

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Adding to this as well as I am trying to create a character sheet for 2nd Edition Part Time Gods. There are 20 skills… Look up profession (33 in total) and add +1 to 5 different skills then look up archetypes (12 in total) and add +1 to 5 different skills then look up dominion (7 in total) and add +1 to 5 different skills then look up Theology (9 in total) and add +1 to 5 different skills and to top it off and 10 points to any skills at creation…

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That sounds almost more like you’d like the Item Templates feature request or Modification of Stats through Actions. Definitely any of the three would be handy.

Depending on what you need done, you actually can make some of these things automatic. For example, you can have a series of checkboxes, one per available race. If you’re going with D&D 5e, then the total_dexterity stat could have the value dexterity + (elf ? 2 : 0) + (halfling ? 2 : 0) + (human ? 1 : 0) + etc.. If the ‘elf’ checkbox is checked, then it uses 2 there. Because checkboxes always evaluate to 1 or 0, you can just treat them as 1 or 0 and simplify that expression, like so: dexterity + elf * 2 + halfling * 2 + human + etc..

Of course, it’s not a perfect solution, and I’m not sure how (or even if) you’d add the various proficiencies, spells, and other features the races can give you.

This is my crude attempt to create generic attack template for DND5e. How much simpler it could be with dropdowns. Also, having this much checkboxes and rules/if-else’s drags down responsiveness to the point where i am starting to think that i have to give up this idea…

I don’t want to get into too much detail here because it’s a bit off topic, but if you want to take this approach, you don’t need to reference all of these stats in every action. Instead, for each selection, create a new stat that’ll do the logic for you. For example, for d1_type1, you can create a stat named d1_type1_actual with the value bludgeoning_selected ? "bludgeoning" : piercing_selected ? "piercing" : slashing_selected ? "slashing" : ..., where the x_selected is the name of the x checkbox. Then, in the action itself, all you need to reference is d1_type1_actual. If you don’t want this stat to be on the sheet you can remove it from the sheet without deleting it.

… But yeah, dropdowns would clean this up a lot too.

This one of my first idea for something i would like to have for sheets. Hey, hey, some much is possible. It is nice to inspire desire in the soul of the mortal ones.

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I’m working on a character sheet for Altered Carbon by Hunters Books for personal use. The sheer number of variables on items, character abilities, archetypes, sub classes, specializations, and so forth are staggering. Combo Boxes or Drop Downs would make this infinitely more practical. As it is, it’s looking like a deal breaker for using Astral to host the game because any functional character sheet would look like an old-fashioned telephone operator’s switchboard. It would be too confusing for players to easily FIND the options that need to be checked.

PLEASE make this a reality! I LOVE Astral and really want to build my VTT library here, rather than Roll20, Foundry, or other services, because I see a bright future for this product.

What I would consider doing in the mean time is adding pages after the character sheet itself to select those items, rather than try squeeze them onto the sheet. Not perfect but a little better.

Unfortunately, so much in the Altered Carbon game relies on a plethora of options that EVERY page would still be a massive switchboard. The only viable option is combo or drop down boxes to manage the sheer volume of choices.

The fact of the matter is that this is a standard feature in nearly every app and VTT in modern existence. It’s so common that not having it is like buying a calculator without a plus key.

I now have three game systems I want to do in Astral and this one item alone keeps me stuck on Roll20 and other lesser systems. I wish there was some way to put this into an essential upgrades list where it could get real attention. This a fundamental flaw in Astral - not merely a “requested feature”.

Let’s be clear: You ALMOST have an amazing product. I LOVE the system. I WANT to keep and use Astral.

So how can we make this happen?

I’m adding my vote here too. :slight_smile:
I’ve started working on a Shadowrun 6th Edition template and yes, skills and weapons (among others) would benefit grealty from such a feature. Does anybody know if Astral’s team has started working dropdowns? Thanks for your time anyway! :slight_smile: