Dragon Age Character Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
The Dragon Age system

Brief summary of your character template:
Since the Dragon Age system didn’t have a template yet, I went and made a very detailed one which takes inspiration from some of the best custom, printable Dragon Age sheets (thanks to Combert, Saisei, and Adalberto Sousa) as well as adds Neal Litherland’s question’s for deep character creation.

Link to character template:

I made this for myself, but I thought that it might be of use to someone else in the community.

i am playing the Dragon Age system and wanted to try out your sheet.
Unfortunately when i follow your link i just get the following message:

Is there maybe a problem or am i doing something wrong?

I took a look through a whole lot of the posts of new templates and the same thing happens with all of them. So either a large number of us are misunderstanding the instructions and making a bit of a mess, or this is meant to happen until a staff member has given it a look over.

Perhaps a staff member, forum mod or long-time user can enlighten us(?).

For now, I can always invite you to a game, assign you the template as your character, and then you can upload it to your vault to use as you like.

good to know, that I (or should i say we) are not alone with that problem.

Thank you for the offer. We can do so, if it is no problem for you.

Character sheets listed in Community Content have to go through a review process to make sure they aren’t infringing on copyright, then the game’s Publisher needs to be contacted for permission to include the sheet in Astral, and then the sheet can be made accessible for public review before it is added to the offered sheets.

I am still waiting for a publisher to okay 3 of my sheets with 3 others already available to the public.

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Thank you so much for the info. Good to know.

It’s not a problem for me at all.
I’ve sent you an invite to my game.

Is there a way I could have a copy of your Dragon Age Character Template? Reinventing this wheel is exhausting LOL!