Drag and drop characters makes dropping quick monsters and npcs slower for non-D&D players

While I imagine that the ability to drag and drop monsters is amazing in D&D, I don’t understand why the decision to eliminate the quick character creator in game.

In the past, when I needed to quickly create a character, I just quickly typed the name of the monster, select it from the menu that used to open next to the “Create character” option on the top left corner.

The option to do so is gone and I cannot use the drag and drop because it doesn’t support the Pathfinder rulesset.

I loved the possibility of quickly just dropping a token in the map, but now, I have to create a character and then search for the token. I was so bummed by this decision, and while not a game breaker thing, I just think it creates one more step for the people who are not playing D&D.

Hi @Sixaola

Pathfinder is high on the list of systems that will be receiving the Quick Add treatment, however I do understand your frustration in the interim. Perhaps the old option could be added back for balance.

Yeah I don’t really see the reason for the removal. Frequently I’d use it to drop a named NPC on the map where the statblock wasn’t important, and that’s still a use case that would be relevant even to D&D games

I bet the Staff will look into this and give it priority. It is most likely a small overlook in the middle of giving support for other systems and leaving it there in the process.

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