Doubles Indication

So I’ve realized another improvement for situations like Fantasy AGE, if there are doubles or triples a visual indication of this on the dice rolls would be nice.

Obviously a maximum of the die value gives you green, and minimum gives you red, but if 1 or more die is equal to another something like Blue would be nice. As Fantasy AGE has a stunt system that applies “if doubles or triples”

This would be very useful for Tunnels & Trolls as 2d6 and 3d6 rolls have a type of explosive dice features called Doubles And Roll Again or Triples And Roll Again, respectively.

In my post, More options for Advanced Roll Flags I have actually specifically pointed out the requirement for this as an addition to the current advanced roll flags. Have a look and vote if you like it.

Would the “Matching Dice” flag solve this request?



The Matching Dice flag was introduced specifically for Tunnels and Trolls.

I’ve been having a fair amount of fun just tinkering with the new dice flags.

Alas, since I’m not familiar with Fantasy AGE, I was wondering if this request could be closed…

Brilliant idea. I’ll pass it along to the staff.

Yes this can satisfy the request, it was actually discussed during the beta of this feature

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// Closed as requested