DM privileges and Market Place subscription


First: Since you only need the host with a subscription to play online will there be a way to assign someone ‘DM privileges’ in case the DM isn’t the host?

I’m a part of several different communities where DM’s are routinely outsourced and brought in by players. Having the ability for a community leader to host a game and pass along the ability to control the important functions to someone in the online game would be helpful. Tabletop Simulator has a similar function with their seating where one color is a ‘GM Color’ that can see everything and has access to game functions that normal players do not but a host is still in control and can assign or remove higher privileges.

Second: With all the content in the Marketplace would you consider a higher priced monthly subscription that included use of marketplace assets as long the subscription is held? With a tip jar being planned having something like this would be great, especially for groups or DMs that run multiple games weekly.


@magicbison Hello :wave: and welcome to the community!

I’ve added a ticket to research this. I’m not sure what I can make happen but I promise to give it thought and see how I can work it out so it makes sense a) logically and; b) financially.

My initial thought (and how I see this working “today”) would be each of the GMs holding a GM subscription. At a few dollars a month, I think it’s reasonable if you wanted to hand off a game to another GM subscription holder.

Always open to thoughts on this and thank you for the suggestion!

I welcome anyone that has thoughts on this to chime in (even just a +1 so i know this is a highly-sought feature)



@magicbison I half-read the second paragraph, sorry for not addressing that.

This is something I had not considered but am now researching. I’m absolutely open to offering an asset subscription.