Discord and Help site problems


I cannot join the discord server, once I’ve accepted the Invite I just get a ‘starry’ cloudy display.

But neither can I search on the help site - I can enter my search terms. But there is no way to actually search, pressing enter gets no results.

Neither of which are my why I was looking at the forum to start with , but seem more important. After all if I can’t search the docs I’m already got a problem…

Ok I’ve solved the discord problem. But the help site issue still remains

Hi @rgammans

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but I’m working hard on projects for GenCon 2020.

The “Search” on https://help.astraltabletop.com/ is actually just a lookup field. When you type into the box, matching available options are displayed below the box. Selecting one of them takes you to the relevant page.

If you don’t see anything appear then, unfortunately, it means that no matches were found.

I do suggest that you take your questions to our Discord server if you don’t find what you are looking for as the users are very willing to help when one of the Archmagi (volunteers) or staff aren’t available to do so.