Disclaimer and Rules


Beta Tester’s Code of Conduct

What is Beta and what is it for?

  • Our Beta is a form of Early Access. You get a special access to the features that are not yet released for the public. The goal is to help us determine if there are issues with them that need to be addressed before they are ready for release.
  • When new features and updates to existing features come out, we will notify you: please try them out and tell us what you think. The more exposure new features receive, the better.
  • If you have questions, concerns, or generally need advice, please ask! We’re here for you!
  • Any feedback and bug reports are a good thing!


Our beta is a form of an Early Access: you get the exact replica of the main site but with the new untested features added.

This is a closed beta, meaning that only agreed upon Beta Testers are allowed access.

Please, use the Beta site as you normally would use the main one. In addition, we will inform you when new features and issue fixes are released and ask you to test them out. As your part in the Beta program, you are expected to provide feedback and bug reports.

Important: you will be using your own accounts with the same database as the main site, only in our Beta Testing environment. What this means for you is that when you use the Beta Site, anything you save will also be reflected on the Main Astral Site.

If you are a GM, it is understandable that you are going to want to invite your players to the Beta site. This is fully acceptable. Just let Polina or James (your Beta program mods) know which accounts you wish to associate with yours as your players. However, please inform the players that your game is taking place on Beta, so they are prepared for potentially buggy/broken features.

Please also note that we will keep your email, replies and submissions in a dedicated record file.

By participating in the Beta Program, you consent to the use of your account in a Beta Environment with a higher potential for bugs and problematic design choices and allow us to keep a record of our communication. You also accept that your access can be revoked according to the rules outlined in this document.

How do I access Beta?

Please go to https://beta.astraltabletop.com/ and login with your account as normal.

Only approved Beta users will be allowed access.

What do I do when I find bugs?

When a bug, error, something inconsistent or confusing is found please submit a Bug Report using our bug reporting/feedback buttons located at the bottom of the screen throughout the Beta site.

What do I include in a Bug Report?

Please try to include as much information as possible. It is helpful to include the following information.

  • What happened?
  • What did you do leading up to this happening?
  • What were you trying to do when this happened?
  • Do you have screenshots?
  • Does it happen again if you do the same thing?

Is there some other way to submit a bug?

For now, bugs have to be reported using the Bug Reporting tool. We apologize for this restriction: its aim is to make sure no bug or feedback is missed.

In the future, we will be able to pick up bugs from chats and forums but as our human resources are a bit limited now, we highly appreciate if you restrict the reporting to the tool provided.

I have an idea on how to make something better!

Great! We want to hear it: please use the Feedback button. We encourage all ideas and feedback, no matter how outlandish! Negative ones count too.

How are we going to keep in touch with each other?

You will get notified about the new features becoming available on the Beta via Email.

We will also keep a dedicated Discord channel for you to communicate with other members of the Crew of The Bravest :slight_smile:

We will be on hand to handle questions and advice and we will do our best to prioritize our communication with you as a token of appreciation for your help.

However, please be patient if we can’t respond right away and don’t take it as a sign that you are not important for us: you are!

A note: most of us don’t work during the weekends so we can spend time with our families. We will reply slower than during the weekdays.

Can my Beta access be revoked?

Yes, it can be but this will not affect your Astral Account, only participation in Beta Testing.

  • If you are acting in a hostile or abusive manner towards other Beta users, this is grounds for removal from the Beta Program.

If you don’t agree with someone’s idea or suggestion, it’s okay. You can argue your point but don’t shut anyone down, we want all ideas and suggestions, even the outlandish ones.

  • If you are completely inactive on Beta for 6 weeks, we will check in with you and revoke your access if we receive no reply in 3 weeks. If you are going on a long holiday, let us know in advance and this rule won’t apply.
  • If you breach the Appropriate Testing Methods rules.

What if I want out?

If you feel you are no longer able to participate in the Beta Testing Program, that’s okay! We get it, you are real people with real lives. We appreciate any participation, and if you come to a point where you no longer have the time, let us know, so we can revoke your access. This will not affect your Astral Account, only participation in Beta Testing.

Appropriate Testing Methods

Testing of the site is restricted to using the Astral platform. This does not include the use of stress-testing software, fuzzers, etc. If you have extensive professional experience and would like to volunteer your time for stress testing, please contact the Astral Staff via support@astral.com. Don’t be the one who breaks all the stuff!

It is still possible to do limited stress testing using only our platform. Trying to upload large files, putting 50 billion dynamic lighting markers down, etc. These are all acceptable.

Penetration Testing is strictly forbidden! While we want to provide a safe and secure site, there are severe legal requirements involved with pen-testing. If you have extensive professional experience and would like to volunteer your time for penetration testing, please contact the Astral Staff via support@astral.com.

The Summary

  • Access the Beta with your own account: use it as you would the main site. Please don’t forget to warn your players, ok?
  • Watch out for the email announcements about new features released to Beta
  • Try them out, the more - the better!
  • Submit your reports via the Bug reporting tools
  • Enjoy!