Die rolls using a checkbox

I’d like to roll 3d6 and depending on a checkbox keep the results of the lowest two or the highest two. How would I go about this?

The closest I can get it to working is with the following:

!({Roll ? 3d6kl2 : 3d6kh2})

However both dice rolls are made, not one depending on the state of the checkbox “Roll”

If I change it to:

!({Roll ? 3d6 : 3d8})

it also rolls all 6 dice.

However if I change it to:

!(3d{Roll ? 6 : 8})

It works fine.

Changing it to:

!(3d{Roll ? 6kh2 : 8kl2})

And it rolls no dice.

Right now you can’t use full dice strings in an equation like that. Dice strings need to exist within a roll !() but outside of any stats {}.

It won’t throw an error, but i will have unexpected behavior like rolling all the dice together.

The reason including the flags in an equation doesn’t work is because the system thinks you are referencing a stat called 6kh2 or 8kl2.

Like @Wolfhuntress on Discord said:

You can try using !! And then you can click it when you are ready or create a separate stat for it

Currently the only way to accomplish what you want (two dice rolls with two different flags) is to use two different rolls, probably delayed, and then clicking the one you want. Maybe you can preface it with the boolean, like Use roll {Roll ? 1 : 2} to guide the user to pick the right roll.