Dice system

Hello, first, I love astral it is great. But I do have a question.
So for the dice system I have your attribute score determines your dice pool.
For example, your strength is 10 or 11, so the dice pool is 2d8. When you increase your strength you gain more dice, so a strength of 12 or 13 your dice pool is 3d8. Every 2 points in your attribute grants 1 die.
So how would I be able to incorporate that in a character sheet so that it auto increases and you can click on it to roll?

Hi @dlbaker.1995 and welcome to the forums.

I would create a Stat named StrPool with the value 2 + floor(Str / 2)
Then the roll would be !({StrPool}d6)

Hope that helps.

It absolutely does. Thank you very much, now I have a follow up question, If you don’t mind, if the dice were to be “Upgraded” by a skill. So it would change from a d6 to a d8. For instance, they have 3d6 for strength and they have athletics 2. The roll would look like 2d8+1d6.

That is getting more complicated. I would need to read the rules to work out the exact formula for creating the roll, but it would probably look something like this:
!(Athletics == 2 ? StrPool - 1 : StrPool}d{Athletics == 2 ? 8 : 6} + {Athletics == 2 ? "1d6" : 0})

Great, thank you. I appreciate your help. Ill give that formula a try. During the game dice pools get moved around and changed, like advantage adds dice, some abilities subtract dice, your health is just a pool of dice lol everything is dice rather than flat numbers. Im not to worried about automating that, it would be nice but I don’t mind having to manually do that until there is something like that. But again, thank you very much! This has been incredibly helpful.

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