Dice sounds/Virtual Dice?

I noticed on the facebook page a concept video for 3d. The video is several year old, but the feature seems to be missing. This is something every othe VTT already offers, and my player seem pretty fond on it. They all expressed disappointment in the lack of virtual dice.

Also, new entries into chat seem pretty hard to notice due to the fact there seems to be no audio promt. It seems very strange as I honestly cannot think of any chat system in the past decade that hasn’t had some kind of sound attached to chat entries, its like we’ve stepped back to the 90s Internet. We all thought we had some weird sound issue from our browsers :laughing:

Hi @Argonaut

The Feature Request for 3D Dice is here: Animated Dice Rolls (astraltabletop.com)

Please vote and / or comment on that Request instead to prevent splitting the votes.

I’d like to see a sound notification for chat messages as well. Perhaps create a new Feature Request for that specifically.

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