Dice Roller

When setting Dice Roller to roll Skills/Attributes, is there a way to have the same skill rolled at different die rolls? Example: Ace has Shooting at a d8, Servo has it a d10.

Also is there a way to roll two different dice at the same time, as Savage Worlds includes a Wild Die for most rolls.

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If you click on the result you can see the value of each die.

Still you may not wish to add them, so you may have to roll separately.

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Hi GM_Rob, looks like FlyingMongoose got one of your questions taken care of. Let me get you the tutorial video of how to integrate token stats to dice rolls. These dice rolls can be written the same way, but will change the roll based on tokens with different stats, which I think is what you are looking for!

Here’s the link to our wonderful Dice Roller + Stats Tutorial Video

Basically, if you have two different player tokens, one with an attribute “Awesome” with a modifier of “3”, and the other with a modifier of “5”, you can use a roll that looks like this:
1d4 + {Awesome}

While the first rolls for Awesome, the roll is 1d4+3, when the second rolls the exact same Awesome check, their roll will be 1d4+5.

Hope this helps!

Now is there a way to compare them with other tokens. Like to run an AC check against someones attack roll.
| Attack Roll | !(1d20 + {Prof} + {SMod}) |
If Attack Roll > “Targeted Token”{AC} then |Hit|
If Attack Roll <= “Targeted Token”{AC} then |Miss|
something like this.

I think this is one dice rolling check that would make life for a dm a million times easier. Especially when you have multiple types of enemies on the map at the same time instead of having to memorize all the AC’s just having the person rolling click on the token they want to attack, then click their action and have the action compare their dice roll to the targeted tokens AC.

One suggestion for GMs, and one that I use, is to use the Character Name to keep track of AC and CMD:

Danny (AC15/11/12, CMD12/16vsTrip)

then in the Nickname field just use the Name:


This way the GM can see the AC / CMD etc, but players only see the nickname.