Dice Roller Crit Fails

Hey Astral, I’m really liking the system for the most part. I do feel that your dice roller crit fails more than a normal amount.Is there any way you could tweak it? Thanks.

The random number generator works off “noise” that your computer generates. There is no way to “tweak” the roller.

I have found that although you might seem to get clusters, over time you will see that the number distribution is very even.

That’s interesting.

Hadn’t thought about it, but… if the RNG works client-side, then different players will have a different amount of “luck” on their side, right?

Pretty much what you’d see in any given table… even when they share dice. :slight_smile:

Damn, we’ve had four sessions and quite a lot of crit fails. What does over time mean to you? We’ve played probably 14 hours so far with an average of 1 roll per minute.