Demo pro account

Hi everyone! I’ve just discovered Astral and i’m pretty satisfied with the free account. But i’m verry interested by the premade maps and asset that could save alot of time and before to buy i would like to see those if it is possible.

Hi @Gamz,

Happy to help! When you support us with a subscription, we unlock the entire library of Mythic Portal packs for you. You can view them here: Mythic Portal Games Marketplace Products

In addition, we also unlock the locked TPK3D Maps currently on display in your Vault, giving full access to that pack.

That being said, I know the main point of interest was a free trial. We would be willing to consider reinstating the previous free trial system. If you’d like to see this done, please feel free to request this thread to be moved to the Feature Wishlist category.

Hope this helps! Reach out if you have any questions or concerns.