Deleting stats from a character sheet?

So I’m new, and things aren’t going well.

I’m working on my first character sheet in Astral, and I have a couple of “extra” stats I don’t need due to typos. But no matter what I do, I can’t figure out how to delete them. Nothing works! The delete function in the character builder does nothing, nor does the delete key on my keyboard.

How do I get rid of these?

Hi @JackOfAllTirades,

Late edit: I just realized you did mention that you tried the delete function in the builder. Heavy edits to my post incoming…

Since I already typed all this stuff, could you make sure this is the way you did it? If this fails, I might have one more idea of how to get this working (or at least troubleshoot a bit).

The way it should work:

First you have to open the character sheet and enter “Build Character” mode:


Above the stats sidebar, there’s a trash icon (highlighted red when mouse-over’ed):


Once you click on that, another trash icon appears next to each stat:


Click on as many as you need to delete stats and then click on the “Done Deleting” icon again. You can “Exit Build Character” after this.

If you did it that way and it still doesn’t work… we need to get creative.

  1. First things first: Please report a bug. This will let the developers get some insight into what might be the cause.
  2. One the bug is reported, let’s try the following if you haven’t tried yet:
    2.a Try creating a new stat (no special chars, just in case) and try deleting it. Did it work?
    2.b Have you tried refreshing the page? And a hard-refresh ([Ctrl] + [F5])?
    2.c Are you editing from your Vault or from within a game? Does it behave the same in either?
    2.d Close the character sheet, open it again and then try to delete stats again. Any luck?

and finally:

  1. Did you delete, at some point, all the stats in the sheet?

And of course, if any of these suggestions hint at something different, please let the devs know (you can reply to the email you receive after reporting the bug; and add screenshots or animated GIFs if you wish).

Many thanks! I missed this procedure when I went through the tutorials; I’ll give it a try.


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