Deleting a game

So I’m new I’m seeing if its worth it to use Astral for a Call of Cthulhu game. Looks like it promised support but I’m not seeing it, i.e., no Call of Cthulhu game template etc the video says it had (had me all excited too). So I clicked the only template there, a DnD one hoping it would take me to a selection screen. It didn’t, set me up a DnD game. I would like to delete that from my account completely. I have not found any information yet that says how I can do that.

On the main dashboard, in the left hand menu, you should have a link that says “Create New” where “Start New Game” is an option. The Window that pops up shows a drop down titled “Game System.” Call of Cthulju is listed in there.

To delete the DnD game you have, in the dashboard, click on the DnD game to get into the loading screen. Click “Settings” in the menu. You’ll see a category called “Danger Zone”. Delete game is in there.

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