Delayed Initiative Rolls

Currently Astral syntax does not support the grouping of the delayed syntax (!!) with the initiative one (i). So rolling i!!(xdx) does not delay the initiative to the tracker. This would be helpful in group based initiative systems where either the PCs or the NPCs go at the same time but disagreements on order are broken by rolls. This would also be cool to introduce NPCs later in an encounter. Secret GM rolls for mobs that only get added to the tracker after clicking a delayed secret roll.

An example of this is in Mörk Borg where 1d6 is rolled to determine whether PCs or NPCs go first then 1d20 + Presence is rolled to determine individual order if the PCs disagree on turn order within their group. It doesn’t come up all that often in my experience (different from group to group) but when it does it would be nice to be able to combine the syntax.