Default map location

It seems that whenever you load in a new map it keeps the same x,y location you ended on the previous map.
Can we get a setting to allow the GM to dictate the starting location on each map so when you load into a new map there is much less hassle.

Or if i am just missing how to do this can someone please inform me.

A wonderful request! I’m upvoting this immediately.

Each map should remember the last set camera position and zoom level for that map.

it doesnt keep the position for the individual maps, it takes whatever new map you load in at the exact same location as you left the other map. So it often results in taking a couple minutes to find and relocate everything.

Any way each map could get a hold default location to make jumping from map to map more friendly

Hi @TruZer0

That is exactly what this request is for. Get your friends to chip in a vote to help solve this problem.

Yes! This.
Just started with Astral, and this is the first thing i wanted to see- an “entrance” or “portal”.
Even better, named portal objects that can be set as specific destinations when characters jump in from other maps.
This would enable complex multi-room dungeons that are linked together via portals.

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This feature is actually planned as part of Trigger behaviour. Keep an eye open for this feature Coming Soon™