Default Character Sheet

My preferred game system has 3 templates for Character sheets. I prefer using the 2nd one. I would like a setting, that fixes a default sheet for the game, so when I create 15 different NPC’s, I have one fewer step, it’s “Add New Character” Boom, need character sheet, of my preferred type.

I don’t THINK I’ve duplicated someone else’s request, but my search-fu was weak… I couldn’t find the search box, though at least it doesn’t appear in the “Similar” box.

Just to the left of your user menu @SleepsUnderCars


@LaMorte I still wonder who decided Dark Grey on Black was good UI. xD

But to answer OP’s Question, yes it has been suggested before.

There’s also a request for that :wink:

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Not gonna lie, that one got me good.

Thank you sir/madam, for a good chuckle.