Decouple Initiative from Maps

As a part of the most recent initiative overhaul, there has been an unfortunate side effect:

Initiative counters and combat are cleared when switching from one map to another. Previously, the initiative order and the combat states were tracked across maps. This would allow my group to be split between two different maps, but still maintain their turn order. Multiple maps are necessary at times in order to pull off certain structures, like an indoor & outdoor adventure where the buildings have multiple levels, or where a large map needs to be broken into multiple pieces to facilitate reasonable load times.

Unfortunately, there are a few behaviors that are interacting that make splitting the party across multiple maps difficult:

  • For the GM, only one map can be loaded at a time even when multiple windows are open. Changing maps on one window switches the other one.
  • When the GM switches maps the initiative list is reset completely. This removes any preset lists that may have been put into place, and wipes any on-going combat from the board.
  • Initiatives are not saved to a particular map. This means there is no easy way to recover initiative orders when switching back to a particular map.
  • Clicking the “Add Party” button on the initiative tracker is dependent on which party members are present on the map.

Feature Suggestions:
The GM merely navigating the interface should not change game state unless specifically requested. In this instance, the initiative tracker should not change state based on the GM navigating to a different map.
-Alternatively, each map could save its own initiative state and store it for the next time the map is loaded. That way switching from map A to map B might change the initiative, but switching back re-loads the previous state, so navigation to a previous map doesn’t wipe the board. This means however that players are served up different initiative boards based on which map they currently have their token residing in.-

Edit: The current behavior is confirmed to be intentional. Unfortunately, that makes combat using the initiative tracker in my current situation non-viable.

Hi @TheAks999

I’m not seeing this behaviour, and I just tested. Please drop a bug report for this issue.

I have edited the post with the results of my bug report. The current behavior is intentional and confirmed. This remains a feature request.

I have just run a game across multiple maps and again did not see this problem @TheAks999 How did you confirm that it is intentional? Did one of the staff tell you so?

Please drop a bug report for the issue.

@LaMorte - James on support informed me through a bug report that the behavior I am currently seeing is how things should be working. I do not currently have a ticket # to back that up unfortunately.

Reproduction from my bug report:

  • Have 2 or more maps (Map A & B)
  • Have 2 members of the party placed on map A, and 2 different members placed on Map B
  • Open game mode in 2 or more windows
  • Pop out the initiative tracker in its own window
  1. On Map A Add Party to the tracker
  2. On Map A Start combat
  3. Using Manage Maps, Navigate to Map B The initiative tracker will reset, all party members removed, and combat turned off.

Other possible important settings:
True: Show initiative tracker to players
False: Open player’s initiative trackers when combat starts
False: Only show party characters in the player initiative tracker
True: Automatically roll initiative for characters added to combat

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Last night was the first night I experienced this scenario. When the party moved from one map to another during a chase sequence the initiative tracker cleared and reset. Didn’t know the two were connected in this way. So yeah I totally support this change.