Dark Heresy 2E Character Template Request

I’m hoping that there’s other interest in putting together a Dark Heresy Character Sheet template; it would be awesome for my group. The editable pdf template is freely availably from Fantasy Flight here.

I’ve been working on uploading and creating my own, but am definitely not good at any kind of mathematic expressions. I imagine there’s ways to have the system calculate stat bonuses (dividing stat by 10 and rounding down?) for use weapon damage calculations (like Strength Bonus), or abilities, etc - but honestly don’t know. I’m not going to bother with psyker calculations - I think that’s too much to mess with (at least for me). As I said, this isn’t my forte, but I’m happy to help however I can.

Hello @nymeria_rush and welcome to the Forums

Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Core book for Dark Heresy. Would I need a copy to help build the sheet for you?

Hi, @LaMorte!
Thanks for the response. Maybe? Although the basic system isn’t overly complicated, and functions almost exactly the way Only War, and some of those other FF 40k titles do, the book is no longer in print (as Fantasy Flight no longer has the IP), but DrivethruRPG has the pdf. If you don’t play, I imagine you don’t want to purchase it. That said, you can find an abbreviated rules summary here, and a useful quick reference summation can be found here. Those might be of limited use without the core book though.

Honestly though, the main thing is the stats seen on the character sheet (Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Strength, Toughness, etc.) are d100 stats, and the character must roll less than or equal to the target number for success. That’s easy enough. But the 10’s digit of each stat is also used as a stat bonus, which is used in other calculations - like wounds, or weapons. For example, if you have a Strength (S) of 38, your Strength Bonus (SB) would be 3. A basic melee weapon might do damage of 1d5+SB. Another example would be Fatigue, which is calculated based off Toughness Bonus + Willpower Bonus.

Like I said, it’s probably easy to figure out for someone who can do mathematical expressions, I’m just not one of them. I appreciate any help you might provide!

I’ll come back around to having a look at this once my current projects are complete. Remind me on Discord in a month or two. :grin:

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Actually, as group I’m story telling move to the online play, due the Chinese Flu, I’m right now preparing the interactive sheet for Dark Heresy 2nd Ed. for the Astral right now.
So, I could share after it will be finished.

I’m searching too for a template just advise me if you have one


I have finished a DH2 Template here:
Dark Heresy 2 Template - Community Content - Astral Support Forums (astraltabletop.com)


I hope someone makes one some day