Dark Heresy 2 Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

Brief summary of your character template:
Pretty but simple, basic automation. Skills and Attributes Actions ready. Does not calculate degrees of success, just shows results and targets.
Automation Level: Low. Needs access to last roll syntax or some sort of aliasing to be able to calculate degrees of success and failure. Needs Dropdowns to be able to choose a different characteristic for a given skill.

Link to character template (Ping me here or in Discord so I can give you Access):
DH2 Acolyte HD | Astral TableTop

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
What you see is what you get! First version, feedback welcome


Last Update: HD Update slightly better font quality, simplified roll texts


Hi! would be very interested in using your dh2 sheet, if you could give me access it would be very apreciated!

if i could be granted access to this sheet so i can run dark heresy on this site it would be much apperciated.

Could I also be granted access? This is exactly what I need.

Hello. Could you share the access for it? Thank you in advance

Hello! Could you share the access with me too?

Could you share the access to pattern with me too?
Thank you in advance