Daemon System

Hi everyone!
I discovered Astral today and I falling in love!
So, I’m brazilian and me and my group are playing a brazilian system called Daemon. It’s very functional, adaptable, realistic and has the BEST MAGIC SYSTEM EVER!!! =]
I’d like to know if it’s possible to customize the system, or, at least, the character sheet.
Unfortunatly, all the materials are in portuguese, but I can help you with some infos abaout the system, translations, etc.
If it’s may not possible, there is a “neutral” ou “customisable” sheet in Astral?
Thanks 4 u attention!

Hi @francis.rf and welcome to the forums!

The best, and quickest, way to get your system on Astral is to create the character sheet yourself!

There are video tutorials on the Astral YouTube channel, and you can always look at existing sheets to see how they are made.

There is always a lot of help in Astral’s Discord server as well if you run into problems.

You can start using the “Custom / Homebrew / Other” game system which will give you a character without a character sheet, so you can start from the beginning.