D&D Monsters - LMoP

What is the game system your template is for?: D&D 5e

Brief summary of your character template: All OGL monsters required for Lost Mines of Phandelver

Link to character template: Find them all collected in this game: https://app.astraltabletop.com/play/-M9x990B8rxylAxJhNZX

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
All characters are cross checked against the SRD published here: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/systems-reference-document-srd
The exception being the Evil Mage characters, which are explicitly derived from the Mage entry.
To preserve the OGL nature, some characters stat blocks are replaced:

  • Sildar Hallwinter: Bandit Captain
  • Redbrand Ruffian: Thug
  • Ash Zombie: Zombie
  • Mormesk the wraith: Wraith

And the only one currently missing is Nezznar the Black Spider, I’d suggest to create that from the Evil Mage stat block as well.

The character sheets are all based on the D&D Monster Sheet available upon character creation. I’ve tried to create a very similar quick action bar for all of them, and all rolls suppose to be hidden.

All token images have been taken from 5e.tools, I hope it is fine (they are published here: https://5e.tools/bestiary.html).

I intend to build up the D&D monster library as big as possible in the future, all critique, findings and ideas are most welcome.

EDIT: Those interested, please dm me on discord: Seriously Hi#3361
We’ll organize the transfer of the sheets then.

I’m getting an error 403 so not sure how to access them?

Hi @martimarkov

All assets are private, even if you share the link.
Here’s how it works:


Hi @martimarkov, @roflo1, everyone else,

If that is allowed, I am happy to invite anyone to the game to share the sheets (I thought it had to be OGL checked beforehand?).

Those interested, please dm me on discord: Seriously Hi#3361
We’ll organize it then.

Cheers, Daniel

Perfectly acceptable, as long as the content is only OGL.


Hello! Is it possible for u to send me the materials that u made for LMoP?

Sure thing, I’ve invited you as GM, so you can save them to your vault.
Although I must say, most of the monsters were introduced out-of-the-box on astral, you can drop monsters in your games pressing the quick button ‘q’ and searching for them. LMoP specific monsters aren’t provided there, but it’s quite easy to rebrand existing ones, such as an OGL Thug to a Redbrand for example.