(D&D 5e) Allow for a square' size on the grid to be a decimal value (1.5, or so on)

I’m an European, and in my country everyone uses the Metric system for measurement.
Due to the fact that in D&D a quare on the grid would be of 1.5 meters, it would be great to be allowed to set such a value as a size; with the current situation (imposition of whole values such as 1 or 2 or so on) some functions such as the tracking of the distances and the use of the ruler are almost useless, if not completely useless.
Again, it would be magnific to be able to set such values, as it is possible to do on other VTT platforms, and I think it would be an enormous advantage for all the Europeans or the Metric system users, which are now facing this inconvenient.
Thank for your attention and sorry for the gramatic (English is not my first language),
Best regards

Hello @Mongellinico99 and welcome to the Forums

This question has actually been asked before and there is a Feature Request for it.

In Beta testing at the moment is a feature to be able to change the measurement to any value that you want. If testing goes smoothly it should be available too all users in the next few weeks.

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For the record: