D&D 3.5 Recruitment Listing

Hello there!

We are a group of 5 - 1 DM and 4 players, looking to add two more player to our group.
We play on Sundays starting at 16:00 till 20:00 British Summer Time.

Preferred platform for the sessions shall be:

  • Astral as the play area
  • Discord for voice chat

The world has been created by our DM with its own story, characters, locations, gods and much more. The DM has tried his best to add realism to the world (within reason), whether it be historical accuracy regarding some elements of Medieval life or adding a more dynamic economic system and politics.
Books we are using:

  • Player’s Handbook

  • Complete Warrior

  • Complete Divine

  • Complete Arcane

  • Stronghold Builder’s Guide

    If you are interested in our group, please private message me and I shall provide more details on the campaign

Kind regards,

Hi @Jakoar

You might also want to try recruiting on Demiplane. Their service is amazing and built specifically for LFG.

I’ll have a look at it, thank you very much for the suggestion!