Cyberpunk 2020 NPC Template

What is the game system your template is for?:

Cyberpunk 2020

Brief summary of your character template:

  • This template is for NPC’s and it uses the NPC Sheet I commissioned ValencyGraphics to design.
    I’ve automated as much as I can, it can perform all your skill checks, it can perform various combat rolls including 3 round bursts and full auto.

  • It can change the value of stats in rolls based on how much damage you’ve taken so you don’t have to track that yourself.

  • There are some sections in the actions to add static modifiers so you don’t have to add them yourself after every roll (though most modifiers will have to be done this way).

  • I’ve included all the moves you can do in martial arts, melee etc in the actions, with damage rolls for each of them.
    Similarly, it has all the maneuver rolls you can perform while driving/flying.

  • The sheet itself has an ammo tracker that shows how many magazines and rounds a character has left and it has a notes section for any…well notes

Link to NPC character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:

I have included some notes on use of the sheet that should be read in the player notes section.

Link to custom game so you can save the templates to your vault

(if that link doesn’t work, I can add you to the game personally)

Link to main character template post

Note to staff If you want to get this approved fast you can try messaging JGrayatTalsorian in the R Talsorian discord sever: he approved the NPC sheet designs that Valency made pretty quickly.

@Fizzy3D I joined the game and accidentally created a blank character. I can’t select either of the tokens for the sheets. I’ve tried deleting my character, leaving the game and rejoining via this link, but nothing works. Any ideas on how I can get it to work? Starting a Cyberpunk 2020 campaign soon and would love to use these.

@joelalamode I’ve made you a GM in the game so you should be able to select the tokens now and save them to your vault. Let me know if this works.

@Fizzy3D That worked! Thank you so much! These sheets look amazing!

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not sure if this is still active but can you add me on so i can see your sheets :slight_smile: ty!

Hi, sorry for the long wait, you should have access to them now!