Cyberpunk capmaign

I’m starting a CP2020 game. The idea is it do some premades to include Land of the Free, with some of my own things sprinkled in. The end goal is to have people ready to run through the fourth corporate war.

Schedule - Session 0 to be on the 13th of March @ 7 PM Mountain Standard Time. It will be every other week for a three-hour session.

A caveat to this is I am trying to change positions at work. So the Saturday played may change.

Players - I have room for four more players. A lot of experience isn’t required, but I ask that you are/or become familiar with the system.

Roles - Solos, Techs, MedTechs, Rockerboys, and Fixers allowed. Medias are a maybe. It depends on how good an argument you make for it, and how much the group wants their actions publicized.

Netrunners bog the game down, and if you need/want one for a run, I’ll play them behind the scenes and simplify a lot of what they do. Cops, Corporates, and Nomads won’t get to use their “special abilities” often.

Service - I plan on running on Astral. I was able to upload all my .pdfs onto their service. This way players can look at Chromebooks, buy things, and keep themselves poor while eating Kibble and hunting for a coffin to sleep in. I also plan on using SyrineScape to help set the tone.

Discord will be used for voice. Video will not be used.

If you are interested, just reply here.

Hi @Meudian

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