Custom character templates

New to Astral, been using Roll20 for a very long time, but looking for better options. I am working with a small team to create a brand new type of tabletop game and custom character sheets and databases for Roll20 are very expensive, so I was directed here.

I see the information about uploading a single unscripted custom character sheet, but how do I create a template to add to that enormous list, one that has stats tied together like ability score modifiers to skills and attacks? Also, what about general macros?

Hi @Wardonis, and welcome to the forums.

If you play through the two tutorial games, there are a few basic instructions on making and editing character sheets, and once you have worked through those, join us on the Discord server and the staff and volunteers, along with the rest of our community, will be glad to help you.

There are a few folk in the community, including myself, who would even create the sheet on your behalf. We’ve done so before.