Cthulhu Hack Character Template v1.0

Important: the game system is set to “Urban Shadows” - this needs to be changed to Cthulhu Hack (which doesn’t exist yet)

Cthulhu Hack © Paul Baldowski:

Update: Template was reviewed and given an ok by the designer.

Brief summary of your character template:

From the version info:

  • Automates most rolls
  • doubleclick values to edit
  • click the dice symbols to roll
  • check the appropriate die for resource rolls. There is a validation built in though you can’t have zero or more than one checked.
  • click the :dark_sunglasses: to roll Smokes, the :brain: to roll Sanity and the :flashlight: to roll Flashlights

Link to character template:
The Vault


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I’m glad to say I’ve made this template live!

If anyone has improvements or would like to suggest changes to this template, please open a new Community Content thread.