Creating a derived stat by adding a stat and using checkboxes

So I’m working on a sheet for the new Age of Sigmar Soulbound RPG. They have a stat called Natural Awareness which basically give you a base number of successes so the GM doesn’t have to ask for a roll all the time.

So it is made up of the Mind stat plus the number of points in your training, divided by 2 and rounded up.

I thought this should work but it isn’t.

ceil({Mind} + {AwaTr3 ? 3 : AwaTr2 ? 2 : AwaTr1 ? 1 : 0}/2)

What am I doing wrong?

If you’re doing this in a stat, you don’t need the extra {}.

Also, if the AwaTr are checkboxes, you can even do (AwaTr1+AwaTr2+AwaTr3)/2 to get the same result

Thank you. That worked. I’m still having trouble using the ceil to round it up after the division.

Ah, figured it out:

ceil((Mind + AwaTr1 + AwaTr2 + AwaTr3)/2)