Create a Points Reserve + Counter Function

Some roleplaying game use a reserve. It uses by Character Players and/or Game Master.

For example for POINTS RESERVE :

  • Totem System (GODS and Vermine 2045) the character have two reserve (Effort and Composure) and one for the players group. The last names Moral. Players can draw in this reserve (that of the group or one that of his character) to get bonus dice or special effects.

  • Coriolios, an Year Zero Engine Game of Fria Ligan, the Game Master gets Shadow Points when a character player choose to reroll dices one of his check. This reserve of shadow points are used to activate special effect or create complications like a weapon jamming. So it’s like a karma system.

  • Unity, (this the Game Master cumulates and gets Ruin points. It used to activate a special power, spell or dangerous abilities of his mobs and bosses. Moreover player characters have one or two points reserve—according to and depending on the classes. This player reserves are spent to activates classe’s abilities and spells. And the last players can get Spark point, it’s like the clichĂ© of Destiny point.

  • 2D20 (Star Trek and John Carter,…) players gets and cumulated special points —the name depends of the game— during each check rolling. Each extra sucesses generate one of this points. It spent to add extra dice(s) for a ability check or activate an character ability.

  • PtbA (SPRAWL, Kult and other) characters players get momentum or special points like info point and matos point. It allows to get more beneficial effects of a move during the check or a scene.


For example of COUNTER

  • PtbA (SPRAWL, Root and other) and Forged in the Dark games (Blades in the Dark, Scum and Villainy …) use multiple counters. This device have the different function : political meter, countdown timer, progression against an obstacle evaluation, situation meter, protagonist violence meter (like Megacorporations in Sprawl).

FINALLY my demand,

Even a lot of this mentionned elements can be integrated in the character sheets, others recquires a special sheets for Game Master and player Group.

A Astral Gaming Function can be created for this ?

Multiple HP style bars are planned for Astral. Those will be useable for this kind of need.

Yes but stat bars fonction for a token so a character. BUT some points like Shadow Points of Coriolis, Ruin Points of Unity, Morale Reserve of GODS and Vermine 2045 aren’t linked to a character (PC or NPC) AND some functions are counters like Megacorporation, Action Counter and Investigation Counter of Sprawl or Geo-Political Counter (one per faction) of Blades in the Dark and Scum and Villany and other aren’t linked to a character (PC or NPC). Even for lasts they operate as separate rule entities.

Have you had a look at the Star Trek Adventures free game? It uses map based counters.

Hi @LaMorte,

I have just come across the map based counters (pointed to them by another user), and I can see some value for them. They fall a little short, though, for the following reasons:

  1. For the player pool (for the duration, I’m going to use the terminology for Conan, another Modiphius 2d20 system), Momentum, it would be best for the players to always be able to see what the current pool contents are. Using map based counters, if the maps use dynamic lighting, almost at all, then the map based counter will, all too often, be invisible to the players.
  2. In general, I keep the contents of the GM pool, Doom, hidden from the players. This is easily doable with map based counters by enclosing it inside of DL walls, but there are some additional issues around the fact that the counter is, again, invisible if any token is selected. This introduces more clunkiness to the game play.
  3. Finally, for larger maps, map based counters create the need to scroll over to where the counters are and then back to where the action is. Again, this introduces more clunkiness into the game play.

From my perspective, while this is an interesting work around for the lack of functionality in Astral, it actually isn’t much better, and in some ways is much worse, than simply having a piece of paper next to my computer with the current counts for Momentum and Doom.

So, I can see that this isn’t properly shown as a feature request. I don’t know if there is another, similar feature request that I haven’t come across. If there isn’t, do you suppose you could move this into the proper category so that this functionality could be voted on as a feature request? If there is another request that you’re aware of, could you link it?

Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Only the OP can move the category by editing the original post.

Got it.

@Ghost_Out_The_Shell: Want to move your post so that it can be voted on?

Something like this would also be really handy for games like FFG Star Wars, where the game has to keep track of the Light Side / Dark Side points. So two different numbers, both of which tick up the other one if one of them go down.