Create a deck of cards

Good day!
Tell me, how can I make a visualization of a random picture from a list in a chat?

Is there any functionality for creating and editing card decks?

I want to make a critical effects randomizer, but instead of text I want to insert pictures.


Ideally, it would look like this:

In the vault you need to create a deck.
The deck is given a name and a picture.

Next, you need to create a card pool.
Each card is assigned a name, picture, description and chance of occurrence (50% by default).

The created deck is imported into the game.

The deck can be made visible and hidden.
You can enable or disable access to the deck for specific players.

You can draw cards openly, or secretly.

You can pin extended cards to players.

Add buttons “return all cards to the deck” and “shuffle”.

There is a Feature Request for Card Decks.

Please vote and / or comment on that Feature Request if you would like to see it implemented.

Maybe give a link to a topic where a similar question was discussed?

Here you are!

Thank you, but have not yet found the solution.
The links in the formula “!? (1d [x, y])” do not work.
Linking links to pictures to “actions” also does not give a result in this formula.

“Astral Compatible Card Deck” does not support downloadable pictures.

Yes, this feature request is to have a fully functional, integrated card deck with customizable cards. It’s not yet made, but you voting on this feature request and letting us know what you need it for will help the team to prioritize this improvement faster.

If it’s something you want to see us build, please vote and comment :slight_smile:

Sorry, I haven’t figured out the mechanics of voting yet. How can i do this?

When viewing the request, there will be a “vote” button next to the name. Click on that to add your vote. I’d also recommend adding a comment about what you need Card Decks to do, for example having customizable images.


Let me know if you have any further questions, happy to help.

Thank. I will add a description in the first post.

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