Could not be more basic

I have started using Astral today.

  1. Simply put I don’t have any room to work in the map editor. I can’t remove the asset panel, and the map panel won’t move either and the grid editor slides under the asset panel. I have to work on the map through the gaps. What am I doing wrong? What are the window controls?

  2. Is it possible to size the grid in anything but pixels? If not, what is a workable size for full screen play?



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Hi @sumo

It sounds to me like you are trying to use Astral on a mobile device. Is this the case?

Hey @LaMorte, I agree that this sounds like mobile, however, I also have similar gripes about the map editor when I’m working on my desktop. With my screen resolution at 2880x1800, I still often feel like “I have to work on the map through the gaps”, as @sumo put it.

It looks like this is the feature request to address this issue:

Definitely needs some more support!

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No I am working on my laptop. Wide-screen, not old. W10, Opera and Chrome give same results.

I could provide a screenshot of that helps but the post below indicates the problem. I am a veteran user of Photoshop and Corel so fixed windows are just annoying me.

Agreed. They need to slide to the sides of the screen, or dock, or something. I don’t know how anyone is making maps!

@sumo, you should check out the Photoshop mock-up I did of a map editor with collapsing tool bars that still maintain functionality over on the other thread…

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