Correct character token size for HEX maps

Character tokens sizing do not translate well to HEX maps, 1x1 creatures are too big for the hex and you can’t get a 3 hex size, as a 2x2 size creature is about 7 hex, a 3x3 is smaller then 19 hex and 4x4 bigger then 19 hex. Hex size creatures are normally 1-3-7-19 hex. It would be nice to have creatures size choice changed if you use a Hex map rather then a square map, as a 3 hex creature is not a 3x3 creature, only 1 number is needed to set it’s size.

Also would be nice if 3 hex creatures (if implemented) snapped in the middle of where 3 hex meet rather then the middle of a single hex like all other creature sizes

Do not forget to hit the vote button (top left of this post) if you think that this is something you would like to see in Astral TableTop. You can also reply with what game system this would be helpful to you!

Thanks for your consideration!


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Hello @Jeeluc. Welcome to the forums.

This request is very similar to several other requests here on the forums (such as “Granular Token sizing” and “Set character size independent of grid size”). It would probably be more productive to post comments on one of these other requests and then vote for them, as the Devs use votes and comments both to gauge level of interest and then determine priority of implementing requests.

Thanks for being part of our community!

You might also want to report this issue as a bug @Jeeluc

The problem of the tokens not fitting in hex grids should have been repaired a long while ago.

Will do, thanks! I barely just got on this tabletop and i’m loving it!

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Many systems use hex sizes instead of squares. It would give AstralTabletop an advantage over Roll20 (for example) by having this feature for the non-D&D players.

One thing to be aware is that the 3 hex token needs to snap to the center point of the three hexes and not the center of a hex.

Oooh. One system that I have played (though I haven’t played it in some time) that uses a hex grid is a space combat fleet battle game. I could totally see that as being something that I could enjoy playing on Astral. It would be really nice if, when adding a hex grid, it added the ability to specify a forward direction for tokens, and then had controls be used to move forward or backward, or to turn left or right.

And thus a simple request starts becoming more complicated…


@SnowyRiver could you please break this out into a Feature Request of its own as it is not relevant to token size on hex grids.

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Hi @Jeeluc,

An update was pushed to Astral today and the way hex sizes are calculated has been re-engineered.

Could you check it out and let us know if this works for you now?


That was fast! Yes it is much better, 1x1 is 1 hex , 2x2 is 3 hex, 4x4 is 7hex and 6x6 is 19 hex so still a bit confusing but it works!

Hi @Jeeluc,

It is indeed a bit odd/confusing. Apparently, a 2x2 token should be centered in the intersection instead of the hex center, but that didn’t make it to the release.

Could you drop a bug report for that please?