Copying a Map in My Vault

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me. A project that I am working on currently requires me to make a lot of very small maps (Almost 200 total), all of which I have made beforehand and I am importing the image in. But I am adding a few assets to the map from Astral and using triggers to show/hide the assets as needed. Currently, I can do everything just fine, it is just very time consuming doing the same small additions to every single map. If there is any way that I could copy an already finished Astral Map from My Vault, it would speed things up for me considerably. All I am changing is the map image in the background. The 13+ triggers, and all associated assets for those triggers, are all the exact same each time. I would ideally like to only have to change the background map image, and not recreate everything else for each map.

Even a “Save As” type function would work as well. I did attempt to save a map, then change its name and save again, and I was sad to find out that it did not function like a “Save As” feature. The time consuming part of this project for me is just putting in the 13+ Assets, and the trigger to show/hide each of them. If there is any way to make that process faster or simpler I would greatly appreciate the help.

Hi @Jeff.plank21. Welcome to the forums.

I’m not sure that I understand the problem that you’re having. You can save a map to your vault, then import it back into your game as a brand new map. All of the features of the map should be there, including triggers, and then if you want to delete the background image and add a different one, you can. So, does this help, or am I missing something?

Hi @SnowyRiver Thanks for replying to me.

I am making roughly 200 different maps. The only difference with them is the background image. In order for me to make all ~200 of these maps on Astral, currently I have to “Create a New Map” each time, and redo all of the triggers/assets for the new map.

Ideally I would love to have a “Save As” type of feature. The thing that slows me down exponentially with this process is just redoing the assets/triggers for every map. All the assets/triggers are the exact same and it is mind numbing doing it over and over that many times. If I could put in the map background image, then all the assets/triggers, then I could finish the map and save it as “Map 1”. At this point I would want a way to KEEP all the assets/triggers that I have put in, only change the background map image, and have it saved under a different name AS A DIFFERENT MAP (Map 2), without erasing the “Map 1” File I saved in the vault earlier.

I just want a faster way to create the EXACT SAME 13+ Assets and 13+ Triggers for each of these ~200 maps. The above example is one way that would theoretically save me a lot of time, but I don’t know if it is possible on Astral. Currently I have to “Create a New Map” and completely redo EVERYTHING for every new map I make, for ~200 maps. The ONLY thing changing on the maps is the background image itself. I just don’t know a way to: Make MAP 1 and save it as MAP 1, then with MAP 1 still open just change the background image to MAP 2, Save this as a new map MAP 2, repeat that process for all maps. Changing ONE thing would be way faster for me then completely redoing everything from scratch each time.

I know how to import a map to my game. ALTHOUGH when you are importing a map to a game from your vault, if the map in the vault is organized in a folder in your vault, there is no way to see the map name when you are importing it to the game which is annoying. That is a completely different issue though, sorry.

I’m trying to think of a better way to explain it… I just want the creation/configuring of the 13+ assets/triggers to be able to be copy/pasted from map-to-map. Or really ANY solution that makes it so I don’t have to manually redo everything whenever I want to create a new map, when the ONLY thing that is different is the background image.

I believe today I may have accidentally found a possible, albeit clunky, solution to my problem. If I create a map in MY VAULT and save it as MAP 1. Then I go into my game session and import MAP 1. I then click “edit map” on MAP 1 while in the game session, and click the “Save Map to Vault” button. I then would close the game session, go to my vault and I have 2 “Map 1” maps now. I can take the 2nd “Map 1” and change the background image and save it as “Map 2”. That map is now all done in ONE step as opposed to creating all the Triggers from scratch every time. Then I would repeat this pattern for every map.

The above method is extremely clunky, and honestly I don’t even know if it is intended. But, so far, it is the only way that I have found to make 2 copies of the same map in MY VAULT when I only actually physically CREATED one of them. I know how Importing maps, and the Vault works… I just want a way to COPY/PASTE Maps while in the vault to create a duplicate map that I could then edit and save under a new name.

I tried to break this down into several different examples, and several different ways of explaining it. I hope this helped clear things up.

Hi @Jeff.plank21.

I think I understand. And, also, I think that I understand why we weren’t seeing eye-to-eye, or, in other words, what I wasn’t understanding before. For me, I never build maps in the Vault. I will only ever build maps in a game. (I have, honestly, gotten frustrated with a number of the ways in which the editing tools work in the vault, and not just for maps.). So, from my perspective, when I create a map, if I want a duplicate of it, as you’re describing, I save it to the vault and then import it from the vault. Presto! I have two identical maps and I can simply change the background of one, if that’s all that I need different. And, if I want this duplicate map in my vault, then I make my changes, including changing the name, and save it to my vault.

I realize that this is clunky (though I think that it could be argued that it’s slightly less clunky than the method that you came up with, but just slightly…). It is, at least, a method to avoid needing to create every map individually.

It would certainly be nice to be able to duplicate maps in the vault. I would also agree with you that the main import map interface (if the map that you want is deeper than the “recent maps” list, including the case when that map is stored in a folder) is problematic given that it doesn’t give you any information about the map other than the thumbnail (no name, no date, nothing). Perhaps you’d like to come up with a feature request about this. If you did, I’d vote for it!


Thanks for the response, I believe both of our solutions will help me speed up this process at least a bit. Thanks for the advice and input! If I run into further speedbumps I’ll try to reach out to you again.

Hi @Jeff.plank21,

If you haven’t already done so, consider voting for this feature request:

Devs take these votes into account while planning upcoming features.


Thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen that feature request!


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Thanks for the link. Just put a vote up on it!

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