Copy and pasting multiple tokens for one sheet

Hello, I’m trying to move from Roll20 to Astral, however, I have one large issue. I tend to do large scale fights, and seeing the action bar is so easy to use, it attracted me astral.

The issue is copying and pasting multiple tokens for the same character sheet as a base for minions. If I want to copy and paste a soldier, I can’t CTRL-C then CTRL-V. I can only duplicate them which makes multiple unwanted sheets. It makes it a cluttered mess of wanted sheets. Is there any way to drag out, or copy tokens that share the same sheet but have different health?

This would make minion creation a lot easier and faster, as in FATE minions are usually one shot. Which leads me to another issue with the FATE system, but that’s for a different topic.

No. Health is tracked by the character sheet, so there is no way to do what you would like.


I see, that’s a shame. I might not be able to use Astral for what I want then. I’ll try a few sessions for though and see how it compares to flow roll20. The storage you get as a free user storage on Astral compared to Roll20 and the free fx are quite nice features though.

Just as a clarification…the mobs or minions would have no actual stats or actions…only essentially hp/health bar, token image etc…essentially the thing on the left hand bar of the character sheet and edited via right click or something

The most optimal thing is to be able to add mobs to a single sheet without sharing health like they do in roll20. So I can copy and paste mobs I made with abilities, but won’t have to worry about having multiple character sheets of them. As all their moves are the same.

I see, that would be an interesting feature. In the mean time i get away with it by making one creature (zombie for example) and setting up their attacks, initiative, saves, etc on quick launch bar. I then just copy it and never go into the sheet, I just use everything on the quick launch.

I would suggest, however, that a Request like this should probably be in the Feature Requests section of the Forum instead of in the Tutorials where they won’t be seen.