Copies of assets on the map, copies of NPCs

I noticed that if i use the copy paste feature during a session, the player’s map doesn’t get updated with the copies without refreshing, only the original.
This forces me to drag, drop, resize, rotate (for example) pillars of ice to make a wall, rather than copy pasting one pillar over and over.
A similar fate happens to NPCs (or enemies, as some call them) created mid-session. Their tokens are invisible, or placed by default in the top left corner.
This one makes even more problems, as i prefer to use the copy feature to automatically add the number to their name (bandit 1, bandit) to keep easier track of them.
Being forced to manually add more copies from vault (which doesn’t number them) creates a logistical nightmare (how many did i put in that room, there’s 1 more in the Character list but not on the table, did i leave it on another map?).
These situations occurred with assets imported and processed before the session, that had existing (non copy pasted) copies of them in previous maps.
Is there a way to avoid these scenarios? My sessions have a lot of exploring and on the fly editing is much needed.

Side question: can i still get the app version of astral somehow? I have considerable up/down network speed and so do my friends, i understood that astral was moved to site due to peer-to-peer transfer problems.

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Hello @Howel

This is a known issue that you are having. Please drop a bug report to draw it to the developers’ attention.

There is no Astral App available currently, but there is discussion about an Astral support app in the forums. Please comment on the relevant topic and discuss what you would like to see in the app feature wise.