Controls and Changes to Light emitters and Dynamic Lighting


Just been chatting on the forum and it would be great to be able to turn all the lights off like you can turn dynamic lighting off. Either on mass or via groups of lights if you have quite a lot. This way you can have a daytime and nighttime setup on one map without having to build separate setups.

Also, a way to create lights independent of objects like you draw dynamic light points so that you can add lights to premade maps.

maybe adding some contrast to the lights so you can see what is underneath the wash of colour by maybe having a tint and then increasing contrast and brightness slightly would make items more readable beneath as currently, it will just wash out your scenes instead.

Thanks and I hope all this can be counted as one request as they are all intertwined

Thanks again for all the hard work its amazing

Isn’t that possible using triggers?

Hi @Arachr0ma

That isn’t possible at the moment as the light source emits even if the Asset it is attached to is not visible.