Consolidate tabs in the action edit modal

I’ve seen at least one discussion about the action display being different from the action title and how confusing this is, and I’ve definitely been annoyed by it a few times. To be clear, I love that they’re different, but it can sometimes be a bit opaque since they’re not on the same tab in the modal.

In addition to that, editing the action can be tedious when you need to keep switching between the character sheet and the action modal. You have to open the modal, click on the action text, wait for it to be editable, click where in the action text you want to edit, and finally actually edit the action. This has all gotten a lot snappier than it used to be, fortunately, but it’s still more clicks than it needs to be.

It’s similarly annoying to have to click out of the action edit text and then on the sheet display tab to switch tabs, and when you switch back to the chat action tab you have to redo the… click process. It’s a process now.

I’m no graphic designer, and I just whipped this up in in like 20-30 minutes, so nothing in this sample is… I dunno, gospel. Just an idea for how to consolidate these things.

My example is a bit cluttered. I suspect that could be improved upon. It’s also large (630x500 pixels), which would be a problem on small screens. However, this gives relatively instantaneous feedback on what the action would look like and it makes it very obvious when the action title and the action display aren’t the same.


It’s not super relevant because my sample can be restructured or whatever, but just for comparison to the existing modal:


This is also related to

(originally linked to the wrong one)

To avoid very large pop-ups, I would mostly consider swapping Sheet Display as the default view, the formulas and macro are seldom frequently changes – I would also propose a button along - Copy - Delete Action - Delete from sheet --> to add “Add to Action Bar” (edited)

What would a Quick Asset Panel be?

I meant Action Bar :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting idea. Might be worth making into its own feature request. It could easily be implemented without rearranging the modal and vice versa. Since it’s related, it’s also fine to link to this feature request in that one so if people think it sounds neat they can find it that way.

Agreed! for that – :point_down:

I will say that the display could be improved for sure. Something similar to a coding terminal would be nice as well.

A toggle that enables disable “Synchronize with Action name” would be fantastic, for the most use cases where the display and the Action title match