Configure Action names and icons

I’d like independent control of Action names:

  • I want to name it something useful like “attack with sword” in the scrollable list.
  • I want it to show with no name, just a dice icon or a button (a unicode character, like a black button or white dice) on the character sheet.
  • I want it to show results in the chat window with the title in a different color (can’t be black, it would be invisible), without the dice icon, using the text like “Attack with sword”.
  • I want to show it in the shortcut (0-9 buttons) with a unique icon or text abbreviation.

Right now, all of these are set by a single parameter, Action name, so you can’t tune it for each of the four ways of seeing it above.

Seems some of this is here
You can control the display parameter separately from the name to control how it is displayed on the sheet. Seems something is funky with the Icons here lately, but unicode characters still work.

Don’t the display selections for color control the color in chat windows?

I take it you want four different independant controls though…correct?