Conan: Age Undreamed Of - Sheet Request

I am looking to run a Conan game through Astral, but do not have access to a sheet. Can someone put together a sheet for the 2d20 system please? I have the sheets and core book obtained through Modiphius when I purchased Conan: Exiles which I can share if it is required to make one.

Hi @Aelari

At the moment there are a few issues setting up die rolls for the 2d20 system.

That being said a few people are working on sheets for various 2d20 systems using workarounds like custom dice. Keep an eye on the Community Content forums and hopefully one will be submitted in the near future!

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I am working on a Conan character sheet right now. I’ve made some great progress. It’s already pretty functional, and I’m building out more features as I have time. I have skill checks and weapon attack damage already set. I’m going to have Talents send their content to the chat, hit location roll a determination and display the armor soak for that location, and whatever else I can come up with. I’m happy to share.

@Aelari and @SnowyRiver, I have updated and submitted the Conan 2d20 sheet to include as chat Actions, from all books, spells, talent, qualities, abilities, etc. i’ve heard it will be under review this week.

sent you each a link to gm game with a copy of my sheet if you want it.

if youwant, vote here to show interest:


Thank you so much. I imported my version of the sheet into that game so you could check it out. They have some marked similarities. I like a lot of what you did, too. I’m probably going to pirate, modify and then use.

I also imported my NPC sheet, as NPCs have a slightly different game mechanic that PCs. You should check it out and let me know what you think.

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if you haven’t already, and feel this deserves a vote since it relates to running Conan 2d20 in Astreal, please check out this Feature Request:

edited: i wish i saw your npc sheet a month ago. i love it. does everything mine does and has that cool hit-location Action.

i think you should submit it as a Template.

I added a new NPC sheet. It is a single page and contains all the important info.
please click around on it.

If you don’t mind fudging the rules, use the Fields of Expertise.

But if you try using the skills, notice that they are devided into the relevant parent stat using a |. Notice the first skill roll in each group shows a Chat Display for the Field of expertiese so as to keep the immersion for the player.

Loads can be easily moved to another weapon slot if you prefer.

I forgot to leave space for weapon qualities underneath, but they can go next to weapon.

Conditions are now added to sheet.

Armor stat is an action, but i use Hit Locations for all enemies - i may not do so for Minions in future.

Please let me know if you notice i missed anything, and Feedback would be appreciated.

I’ve never actually tried playing Conan 2d20 on Astral (life got in the way), so If anyone has a seat at a table, I would truly appreciate an opportunity.