Complete noob

hey so i am a some what noob to the computer world if you were to put it to player sheet i have below average skill in it but i am an avid table top player and DM this site is cool as hell but im completely lost as to how to really make my own maps and characters and to be honest the tutorials dont really answer my questions i just feel over whelmed and unprepared despite 15 years of dnd and shadow run

i guess what im asking for is a teacher of some sort i am fast once the questions are answered but i need to touch base with people to be able to learn 

im trying online gaming to play with my brother and my father who are also good at games and my father finds him self running this kind of thing and i want to run games so he can take on the player role

if you are brave enough to put up with a noob plze

Hi @crazyspacefly and welcome to Astral Table Top.

First, I’d suggest removing your e-mail address from your message. That can lead to all sorts of trouble.

Secondly, I’d suggest joining Astral’s Discord Server.

We are so much better able to provide support there as we can have discussions over your issues, rather than just passing messages back and forth.

sorry for the delay covid has been trouble in the state @.@ ill join discord and remove the email i appreciate the help

No worries, glad to have you with us!

We’re live on Discord most times, so looking forward to chatting :slight_smile: