Compendium Handouts with Images


I know I must be doing something wrong, but when I try to create a handout with an image (any image), it simply doesn’t appear in the actual campaign. I’ve read the Compendium “Welcome to Astral -GM” and seem to be following the directions.

Let me explain my process, in hopes that someone can explain what I am doing wrong:

  1. Go to My Vault and open my custom Compendium

  2. Create a Category and within that Category, create a Page.

  3. Drag and Drop Image into the Compendium Page. (Added some fluff text in some cases).

  4. Navigate to Campaign -> Open World

  5. Navigate to Compendium -> Import Compendium

  6. Click on the new Compendium and navigate to Page.

  7. Drag Compendium Page to game area.

The page appears without image.

Edit: Now I receive an error when dragging the Compendium Page out to the game area.

"Error: There was a problem adding the handout to the game. Please try again or report the issue if the problem persists"