Compendium Changes?


Hey there. I’m new here, but I’m really interested in Astral VTT.

I was just wondering if compendiums were subject to changes or erasure with future updates? I was going to start working on a Starfinder Compendium for my party while we wait for changes to be made that would support the Starfinder character sheet. I don’t want to put forth a lot of effort just to see it all disappear because of an update :persevere:

EDIT: Also, will we be able to export/share compendiums? I wouldn’t be opposed to just making a Starfinder compendium for the community as a whole!


With a little bit of coordination and determination, a small group of people could break up a rulebook and compound an entry pretty quickly.


I believe that the way it would work, and has on other tools, is that if you set up the compendium for yourself and your campaign, you’re alright, otherwise you, and Astral would be limited to the licensing allowed by the publisher of the game. Which is why you only see the 5e SRD, as opposed to full blown versions of the core books. So be careful when you do this, if it’s breaks the copyright laws, they’d have to remove it.


Ohs :frowning: That’s disappointing. It’s difficult to find tools that currently support Starfinder. I like Astral because - even though it doesn’t currently support the Starfinder character sheet - it allows you to make your own compendiums. That’s a powerful tool and factored in heavily to why I want to switch from Roll 20.


You could still create a compendium yourself to use, including non-SRD items. Astral just wouldn’t be able to publish it for public consumption. Again, I believe this is the way it would work. Someone from Astral would need to verify that.


Yeah, you make a good point. If I understand it correctly though, anything under OGL would be fine to distribute though.


Yes that is how it works. Hero Lab has a character creator and the company does the SRD and the community has gathered to include other items. It could even be for “public consumption” depending on how you define that. At Hero Lab there are community made packs that have been put together that essentially contain all the material.

The reason being is that you can’t copyright game rules (however you can patent them). So the big thing that you have to avoid is anything that actually is copyrighted. The big thing being proper nouns. So you wouldn’t be able to make a spell called Bigby’s Hand, but Magic Hand would be fine. Bigly/Big League Hand might be okay, but might be too close.