Color roll total green for specified Threat Range

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Similar to a roll showing green when the die maximum is rolled, a specifier could be appended to the die roll to show when the total should be shown in green. E.g. !(1d20tr18) would color the total in green if the die rolled 18, 19 or 20.

To add on to that a bit…

-Be able to set which numbers are failures.
-Be able to do both of these to a single roll.
-Maybe a mixed roll would be colored yellow?

This is great for dice pool systems where you have to count up both successes and failures.

I have actually superceded this request with the following:

Please vote for it if you would like to see these features implemented.

This may work with 2d20 settings, such as Conan in an Age Undreamed Of and Star Trek Adventures.

Hi @randall_s

As I mentioned in the post that you responded to, I have superceded this request with a more complete request as linked to above. Please repost your comment in the linked thread.


Please include the ability to customize the colors when this is implemented.
My colorblind wifey thanks you.

It would be nice if we could make it more obvious anyway. My players almost didn’t notice the crit that came up green because it’s so faint compared to our cyan chat color. c_c

Hi @SheiFoxy

Please vote and comment on


This specific Request was superseded.