Coding - Successful Attack

Hi. If I roll d20 + d10 + d6 and I want an action word to be triggered if the three numbers are the same. What would be the code?
Ex : 5,5,5 = Success
3,3,3 = Success

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Lefort_Stephane and welcome to the forums.

There is a hack to get that working:

{Roll1 = !(1d20)} {Roll2 = !(1d10)} {Roll3 = !(1d6)}
{(Roll1 == Roll2) and (Roll1 == Roll3) ? "Success" : "Failure"}

Thanks for the help. I don’t understand the coding languages but I can see how it could work. I tried it and there is a Syntax error in part “Success” : “Failure” (Char 43).

Can you see why it’s not working?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

It is actually just JavaScript mixed in with Astral’s Parser for rolls and Stats.

Try copying the edited rows above?

Just tested on my test character and seems to be working:

Thanks a lot! It works!!

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